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Whether you are already practicing or have only heard of yoga, I will adapt to your needs.

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Always practicing meditation, I turned to yoga in 2014, within my pre-professional ballet dancer formation and in family with my Mom and my Grand-dad. 

The various activities that this discipline brings together fascinated me.


Meditation remains my favorite field and I would like to be able to accompany all those who are interested in it.


I also like to teach yoga in its more sporty form and always manage to offer classes where you can have fun and surprise yourself.


If you are looking to relax above all else, Yin Yoga was a revelation for me and I would love to share a session with you.


If you want something more therapeutic that doesn't require effort, I also offer Yoga Nidra sessions that help to completely and lastingly relax body and mind.

I teach since I recieved my first diploma in 2020 and I have recieved two others since.

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